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Toiletseatsandmore.com is your one stop shop for toiletseats. Whether you need a Bidet, a Raised seat, assistance with Potty Training, or have special needs, we have it.  We can delight you with decorative toilet seatsunique toilet seats, novelty toilet seats, and designer toilet seats.  With a toiletseat from us,  you can make your throne your own!

Your home is your castle and is as unique as you are. Every other room in your home reflects your personal touch, your likes and personality.  So too should your bathroom! This too should  be customized to the way you live, the way you feel. Toiletseats andmore.com is an online store that can help you customize the throne in your castle by offering decorative toilet seats in just about any color you need  Here you will find decorating ideas that can transform a bland bathroom into a delightful expression of your personal flair, your sense of style. 


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Bidet Seats / Spa Toilet Seats

Bidet Seats / Spa Toilet Seats

 Perhaps you are looking for the elegance of a Bidet Seat. We have the Bemis Purite 2000, and the Brondell Swash systems. Maybe the benefits of the Breeza’s built in deodorizing and heated toilet seat. systems appeal to you.

 Whichever you prefer make sure to review the medical benefits of the SWASH. Benefits for senior citizens include preserving dignity and independence, prevent infections avoid embarrassing personal issues.  Benefits for women are also listed.


For the environmentalist, check out how eco-friendly we are, and if saving on your water bill is important to you, check out the Simple flush.




Bemis - Purite 2000


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Are you are looking for a color, theme, festive design, or like to change your décor with the seasons? Then, our selection of Toilet Tattoos® is right for you. Reflect your personality, your sense of humor, your mood. Decorate with style without a permanent commitment  Toiletseatsandmore.com is proud to be an authorized distributor for Toilet-Tattoos®.  These hygenic, removable appliques for the toilet lid are made from electrostatic vinyl film, wipe clean and are reusable.  Just 3 easy steps, peel, place and smooth and you can transform the look of your lid.  Proudly made in the USA, this patent pending innovation is a great way to enhance a bathroom.


Koi Fish Toilet  Tattoo

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Blue Sponge Toilet Tattoo

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Children and Toilet Training

Children and Toilet Training

Potty training has always been a challenge for moms and dads. Teaching our children how to use the bathroom correctly and politely is the goal of every parent.  Yet we want our bathrooms to remain clean and tidy at the same time.  Toiletseatsandmore.com has the right answers for you.  

Toilet Tattoos' toilet training sytem allows for rewards for the child.  Each time he or she uses the facilities correctly he/she gets to put a sticker on the tattoo, but to do so he/she has to put the seat down!  Wow!,  Mom, be sure to include that reward.

For busy families one of our transition seats might be the answer, Bemis' Next-Step or Beneke's Progressions allow you to let the little one feel safe and secure, eliminating that fear of falling in that can hamper the training process.  Plus, you don't have to keep changing the seat out every time an adult needs to use the facilities.



Toilet Tattoo

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Special Needs

Special Needs

If you need assistance, we have seats with arms, and seats that add inches to height of the bowl. We have your raised toilet seat with a 2 inch lift and 3 inch lift as well as 4 inch spacers. 

We have seats that can hold larger sizes and weights to give added comfort. Check out our Medical Assist or  handicapped toilet seats

And speaking of Medical benefits, please check out the medical benefits of the Swash.  The listed benefits for the elderly, for their caregivers and benefits for women are numerous.  Not to mention the luxury!


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In our busy every day lives we find it hard to slow down and relax. But every day, we all have to stop for a few minutes to tend to some personal business. Sometimes this is the only time we get to slow down. 

A decorative toilet seat can add a little bit of color, a fashionable design. A unique toilet seat, or novelty toilet seats will add a  touch of whimsy  which will have you smiling.

Pamper yourself with a bit of elegance from our Bidet seats

Give your self a helping hand with a raised toilet seat, or one with arms to assist you and protect you. 

Got an unusual shaped seat, or need a marine or toddler size seat, we have it.

Reflect the real you with one of our custom, one of a kind, designer toilet seats which are truly exceptional! Whatever your decorating delights.  Toiletseatsandmore.com offers toilets seats which can invite you  to stop and relax for a bit and  to express your personal flair, your sense of style. We offer toilet seats and more.

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Size and shape are important, please see "How to Measure"

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