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Classique 1Classique 1Subtle and elegant, Classique's copper and warm white features undertones of blue green Patina.
Earthtones 1Earthtones 1nspired by the art and rhythms of Africa, this seat, in copper tones features a batik applique on the top
Fantasea 1Fantasea 1These dramatic Starfish and bright colours will energize you and your decor
Flower ChildFlower ChildThis playful pattern is, of course available in any colour scheme.
Frog PondFrog PondFun and whimsical, these colourful frogs will delight everyone who comes into the loo.
SouthwestSouthwestLaid back, relaxed, yet optimistic. That's the personality of this cheery, uplifting design. You can have the same design under the lid, or choose another design- perhaps the batik Sunflower? Shown here with an oak grain seat (Oak only available in regular size. Elongated comes with a solid background). Of course, as with all of the funky seats, the colours can be customized.
Whimsey 1Whimsey 1�Fun and whimsical this seat features a bright yellow and sunflower batik under the lid. The perfect centerpiece to lighten up any space.

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