FUNky Toilet Seats
FUNky Toilet Seats
Aboout Funky Toilet Seats by Sharon Tiessen

Aboout Funky Toilet Seats by Sharon Tiessen

The ArtistSharon Tiessen is a visual artist and musician who is convinced that we need to surround ourselves with beauty. Sharon sees nearly everything as a potential canvas.  Please see more detailed information about Sharon in our "Meet the Artist" section.  

On these Pages you will find some truly original and unique works of art that happen to function as toilet seats.  Each of these is an original work of art so it will vary somewhat from the images seen here.  

As authorized  destributors, we here at have the privilege of inviting you to workwith Sharon to create something very special for yourself and your home.  They also make great gifts.

Unless otherwise indicated the image on the top of the lid will be repeated on the underside of the lid.

In some cases photos of both shapes, round (regular) seats or elongated seats, may not be available. And in some cases, a color available might not be photographed in the alternate shape. In those cases the shape and or color photo that is available will at least give you a good idea of that design.

Standard Hinges: chrome or brass or white (plastic- easy clean, lid pops off to clean)- these are standard
Special Order Options: brushed nickel, matte black, oil rubbed bronze, brushed brass  (subject to availability)
Colors are customizable

All seats are available in Regular, Elongated or Marine/Child size.

Size and shape are important, please see "How to Measure"

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