Kids/Toilet Training
Kids & Training
For the convenience of not having to change the seat when mom or dad or a guest need to use the facilities.

 Beneke Progressions  Combination Juvenile & Adult

Combination juvenile/adult toilet seat.
Adult seat closes gently and quietly with a tap.
Injection molded of high-strength and chemical resistant plastic.
Adjustable top-mount hinges with non-corrosive bolts, wing-nuts, and snap-in covers.

Seats meet or exceed existing commercial standards



Next Step by Bemis

Fits both Adults and Children
Built-in Potty Seat secures Magnetically
Reduces Clutter, Ready to use
Stylish, Non-Tarnish Chrome Hinge
Available in round and elongated.






Cootie Guards for Kids

Cootie Guards for Kids

We all know how distasteful public bathrooms can be.  Sometimes, for a child, it can be almost frightening.  Now there is an answer.  COOTIE GUARDS.  Patent pending, this disposable seat is designed for the youngster so that they 1) never have to touch the "nasty seat" , 2) is disposable  and 3) has a smaller hole so children feel safer on what can seem like a very large seat. 

Great for families traveling on vacation, shopping, eating out,   Total protection from public toilet seats. Disposable and fits in your purse or tote. 


Toilet Tattoos a toilet training system

Toilet Tattoos a toilet training system

Toilet Tattoos® has the first toilet training chart designed for direct application to the toilet lid. It not only provides the child with an immediate connection between the desired behavior and the reward, but also teaches the child to put down the toilet lid after using the commode. The child applies the reward sticker to the Toilet Tattoos®  themselves, exercising their hand-eye coordination. Works on even the most resistant child!

Size and shape are important, please see "How to Measure"

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