Jammin' Johns

With a musical bacground spanning 4 decades Marvin Maxwell, a drummer, has played with some of the best and greatest Rock and Roll stars of his generation.   Well known in the music circles he went on the Road with Dick Clark in the 60's. He has played with greats like Lou Christi, Round Robin, the Tradewinds, Reparata  & The Delrons, Louis Harrison (George's sister) Billy Joe Royal, Ian Whitcomb, The Byrds, We Five, Paul Rever & the Raiders, and Bo Diddley. 

Marvin fashioned his first guitar toilet lid as a young man and owner of a Kentucky music store, 25 years later he "turned the idea around 180 degrees" and Jammin' Johns was born.

Size and shape are important, please see "How to Measure"

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