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Swash Ecoseat 100

Swash Ecoseat 100

Swash Ecoseat 100
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Introducing the Swash Ecoseat 100
The Swash Ecoseat's innovative design provides a more comfortable, refreshing and hygienic bathroom experience
Eco-active solution
Reduce resources wasted on toilet paper
Make conservation an effortless habit
Hydro-powered nozzles - no electricity or batteries
Easy to install and use
Fits most toilets, installs in minutes
Comfy seat with slow close seat and lid
Simple turn dial controls
Adjustable wand water pressure
Promotes healthy living
Refreshing and hygienic water washes
Dual wands for front and rear cleansing
Eliminate hand contact with bacteria
Ecoseat features
Dual retractable front / rear cleansing wands
Aerated wash spray
Water pressure adjustability
Integrated jog dial controls
Stylish design and comfortable seat
Self cleaning wands
Sterilizing water filter
1 year limited warranty
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