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Swash 900

Swash 900

Swash 900
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The Swash 900 brings Brondell customers premium features at an entry level price. The Swash 900 includes an instant heater for endless warm water washes, a full seating area for maximum user comfort, adjustable stainless steel nozzles and an easy to use remote control for the most convenient and hygienic experience.
Swash 900 features
Posterior and feminine warm water washes
Elegant, space-saving design for maximum comfort
Water and seat temperature settings
Water pressure controls
Stainless steel positionable nozzles
Wide spray function
Aerated wash spray
Contoured, heated seat
Sturdy “sittable” lid
Wireless remote control
"Quick Release" for easy seat removal
Gentle closing seat and lid
Eco Mode for best energy conservation
1 year limited warranty
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