Sharon Tiessen – Funky Toilet Seats
Sharon Tiessen – Funky Toilet Seats

Funky Toilet Seats

Sharon Tiessen is a visual artist and musician.who is Convinced that we need to surround ourselves with beauty, Sharon sees nearly everything as a potential canvas.


Much of her personal and professional life has been closely linked with issues of social justice. This, along with her interests in aesthetics and the ‘urban landscape’, and a passion for exploring different media is the impetus for much of her art.

In addition to developing her own work, Sharon particularly enjoys working with adults and those who haven’t had the encouragement or opportunity to find the creativity and artist within themselves, and help to coax it to the surface.


Every seat is an "Original work of art" and will vary slightly from the images seen here

Unless otherwise indicated or requested, the image on the top of the lid will be repeated on the underside of the lid.

Size is important,please see "How to Measure" "meet the artist" "Custom order Form"

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