Toilet Tattoos
Toilet Tattoos

Are you looking for a color, a theme, a festive design, or do you like to change your décor with the seasons?  Then our selection of Toilet Tottoos® is right for you.  Reflect your personality, your sense of humor or you mood.  Decorate with style without a permanent commitment.   Please remember, these are decorativeTattoo's.  Toilet SEAT or LID is NOT included.

Toilet Tattoos

Toilet Tattoos

Green BubblesGreen Bubbles
Happy PenguinHappy Penguin
Haunted HouseHaunted House
Hire Me Joe the PlumberHire Me Joe the Plumber
Home CollageHome Collage
Hot LipsHot Lips
Hot StripesHot Stripes
In VogueIn Vogue
Iris BeautyIris Beauty
Key NotesKey Notes
King For a DayKing For a Day
Koi FishKoi Fish
Lily Pads Toilet  TattooLily Pads Toilet Tattoo
Lori's OuthouseLori's Outhouse
Monkey BusinessMonkey Business
Moose at SunsetMoose at Sunset
Moose LodgeMoose Lodge
No Doggie BowlNo Doggie Bowl
No Kitty BowlNo Kitty Bowl
Noah's ArkNoah's Ark
Outhouse ToileOuthouse Toile
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Toilet Tattoos® is a hygienic, removable appliqué for the toilet lid. Made from electrostatic vinyl film, this toilet seat decoration wipes clean and is reusable. In just 3 easy steps, peel, place and smooth, you can transform the look of your lid. Proudly made in the USA, this patent pending innovation is the modern way to enhance the toilet. A bathroom accessory that is quick, clean, simple and changeable. Toilet Tattoos are the only way to crown your throne™.

Are you are looking for a color, a theme, a festive design, or like to change your décor with the seasons? Then, our selection of Toilet Tattoos® is right for you.

Decorate with style, without a permanent commitment.

Reflect your personality, your sense of style, your humor, your mood!. 

 Our classic line offers that touch of elegance

Size and shape are important, please see "How to Measure"

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